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It was a normal busy morning with eager children, ready for their class.
As I walked in, I was wrapped in big hugs.

“Karate! Karate!”is all I hear and with great excitement I put my bags down and gathered all the children who wished to engage and we started the class.

One of the children, Seth, seemed hesitant to really join in, but he likes to watch. I went to sit with his mother, who explained that due to the medication he is on, he gets very angry and deals with a lot of frustration. He lashes out and it is challenging for her and Seth to deal with this every day.

I explained our programme to her and demonstrated our breathing techniques. As she did the movements with me and she saw how it could help, I called Seth, and told him that I needed his help.

“Seth, I know you remember how to do the Power breathing…can you help me teach your mom how to use it, please? “

“Where do we keep our breathing? Ah, in your pocket, yes. Remember, when we need it, when we feel frustrated, or we feel some fear and anger rising, we need to take our breathing techniques out of our pockets and use it”.

Suddenly his attention became focused and in calmness he performed his breathing. It made my heart so happy. I reminded him that now his mom also knows how to do the breathing, and that they need to do it together as often as they can.

Just like that, off he went again to play.

I spoke to his Mom afterwards again, and she said she will definitely do this with him and that it will make a huge difference to him, to assist him in calming himself down, especially when the medication is getting the better of him.

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