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Sensei Ilze visits outpatients

I was invited to visit the patients with tracheostomy and ventilation challenges, and as I arrived in the outpatients sections, I was welcomed with the excited faces and big smiles of children ranging between 4 to 17 years old – as well as their parents.
I introduced myself and explained to them what our Kids Kicking Cancer programme is all about.

As I stood in the middle of the waiting area and started with our Bow – Power Peace Purpose – I explained what each word means to us.

 “Our program is for young and old. As adults we also go through stressful times, having concerns about our children’s illness and the road ahead”.

They all nodded, relating it with the tension they feel and go through on a daily basis.

Step by step I explained the power breathing, and all the families worked with me. It was so nice to see everyone lifting their hands, breathing in the light and blowing out the darkness.  We were all feeling empowered and calm at the same time.

Then one of the mothers said – “where were you on Saturday? I went through a very stressful day, and this could have helped me a great deal”.  She was so happy that I was there to teach them all and asked me to please come again. She says she really needs it. And she will keep these techniques by her side and assist her daughter as well, when she has troubled times.

Another sweet little 4 year old by couldn’t stand by himself and needed my assistance. He drew closer and closer as I went on, then suddenly he said – I do, I do! “Great”, I replied, “you are going to teach the world. Please help me teach the children today.” He did the breathing with me, and made us all smile and encouraged us all.

With his challenged body, he made small punches and blocks. With the kicking, we had to improvise a bit, so I told him to come sit next to me on a small chair. From there I showed him how to lift his knee and kick. It was amazing to see his dedication in wanting to get it right. I could see that nothing will stand in his way. It was inspiring to see him join today.

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