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Kids Kicking Cancer Tygerberg Hospital School

Magic Monday with Kids Kicking Cancer

Magic Monday 

After school on Monday, the entire Apraxia Grade R Classes gather together to have some fun, with the Kids Kicking Cancer Hero Circle programme. We start with our Power Peace and Purpose bow, and ten seconds of sitting completely still, followed by practising breath breaks together, where we teach our little warriors to breathe in light and blow out the darkness. The breathing helps to focus our kids and calm them down before the fun starts.

Once the breathing sessions are done, we stand up and get ready to kick butt with karate movements that are incorporated with listening skills. Providing different instructions on activities, during the karate routine. Mixing up left and right, arm and leg kicks and blocks get great laughs from our kids as they try repeatedly to engage in the game again.

Our Kids Kicking Cancer Programme is for any child, adolescent and adult who is suffering from any form of chronic illness. We teach our patients a skill that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives, showing them that no matter what you face in life, you can take control, breathing in the light and blowing out the darkness.

– Sensei Ilze.


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